Cigars 101

Havana Phil’s Tips for Maximum Cigar Enjoyment

  • Only clip 1/16th to 1/8” of the cap of the cigar. Any more will damage the cap and possibly cause your cigar to unravel in your mouth as you are trying to enjoy it. 

  • Take your time smoking your cigar as it is designed to provide relaxing enjoyment. Puffing too rapidly will cause excess heat and the smoke can grow acrid and harsh.  

  • The ring gauge does have an impact on the cigar’s taste. Anything smaller than a corona (38-42) will cause the blend have less complexity since the maker can’t use as many tobaccos in the blend due to the size. Coronas and Lanceros allow the flavor of the wrapper to be more dominant than larger ring gauge cigars such as Robustos, Toros, Gordos and Churchills etc.

  • You may want to select a nice drink (alcohol is not necessary) to accompany your cigar so you can occasionally refresh your palate. 

  • When lighting your cigar, be sure to rotate your cigar so that you cover the foot allowing for an even burn. Try not to touch the flame directly on the tobacco; rather use the heat from the lighter or match as to not scorch the wrapper.

  • Do NOT inhale cigar smoke! The experience is all about the flavors & aroma and to allow your palate to appreciate them.

  • Try not to constantly flick your ash. For a cool smoke allow about an inch or more to accumulate before lightly touching it off on the interior side of the ashtray. The coal should be as close to flat as possible. If it leaves a point of fire you are smoking too fast.

  • Please do not crush and grind out your cigar when finished! Let it rest and go out on its own. Remember, these are hand-made works of art to be enjoyed and admired.